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Face Contouring with Nars Studio 54 Hyped Eyeshadow Palette performed by Sheila Bargrizan

Nars Studio 54 Hyped Palette

Never tried Nars makeup products before, I decided to get the face contouring and full makeup done with professional makeup artist Sheila Bargrizan at Nordstrom.

Nars Studio 54 Hyped Palette

For eyeshadows, highlighter and bronzer, Sheila used Nars Studio 54 Hyped Eyeshadow Palette.

Nars Studio 54 Hyped Palette

While Sheila was working on my face, we had an interesting conversation.

Sheila: What moisturizer do you use?

I told her my secret: I use raw shea butter right after removing my makeup in the evening.

Sheila: What do you use in the morning?

Me: Nothing.

Sheila: You need to use something because your skin is dry.

Me: Regular creams and moisturizers contain alcohol and mineral oil (made from petroleum) which make the skin look older. I use only natural oils and butter.

Sheila: Do you use face cleansers?

Me: Yes, I do use cleansers with chemicals, but I wash it away, so it’s not a big deal.

Sheila: You need to use a moisturizer before applying the makeup because it’s gonna look better.

Me: When I wake up in the morning, the shea butter is still there!

Sheila: Oh, I should try that! I’m also esthetician…

Me: Yes, you can try it on your clients. They gonna love it!

My glamorous readers, what do you think about the natural oils and shea butter? What moisturizer do you use? Let me know in the comments.

Sheila applied Nars Aqua Gel moisturizer, Nars Deauville foundation, Nars Concealer in Vanilla, Nars Powder, Nars Climax Mascara in Black and Nars lip gloss Intriguing. For face contouring and highlighting, Sheila used Nars Studio 54 Hyped Eyeshadow Palette.

The makeup looked natural, but it got caky on my chics. I asked why is it so caky? Sheila responded that’s because my skin is dry. For some reason, my face didn’t get caky after contouring with Chanel products even without using a moisturizer!

My husband’s reaction was: ‘You are pretty even with makeup like that!’ Even my mail carrier said: ‘You don’t need that much makeup!’

When I got home, I had to wash my face because of the uncomfortable and itchy feeling I got from all those products. When my husband finally saw me without makeup, he breathed a sigh of relief!

I think my skin got irritated because I never use creams or moisturizers. I stopped using foundation a long time ago. I use only Chanel concealer and powder.

The next day, I tried to use Nars Studio 54 Hyped Eyeshadow Palette by myself, but the effect was the same – discomfort and itchy feeling. The pink shimmery shade looked so pretty, but when I applied it, the heavy sparkles felt so uncomfortable! I tried the soft brown shade in my crease, but it didn’t blend that well. Finally, I used the shimmery brown shade as eyeliner and it fall down under my eyes. Luckily, I could quickly swipe it away with my fingers. The Nars Studio 54 Hyped Eyeshadow Palette colors are very pretty, but the quality is so cheap!

Nars Studio 54 Hyped Palette

By the way, the Nars Studio 54 Hyped Palette price is not cheap – $59 without tax. For example, Chanel Les Beiges Natural Eyeshadow Collection Les Indispensables cost is $70 without tax and it feels lightweight, never irritates my skin or falls under my eyes!

Nars company is owned by Japanese company Shiseido, which produces fabulous eyeshadows. I’m a big fan of the Shiseido luxury line – Cle de Peau! Why would a company capable of producing outstanding makeup approve such a low-quality product as Nars Studio 54 Hyped Eyeshadow Palette? What do you think about that? Let me know in the comments.

Please watch Nars and Chanel Palettes Battle Video!

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